Mother Earth

“She goes by many names: ‘Pachamama’ for South American Indians, ‘Gaia’ in Greek mythology, ‘Terra Mater’ in Roman myth, ‘Mahimata’ in Hinduism’s Rig-Veda, ‘Eorban Modor’ for the Germanic and Northern peoples, and ‘Mother Earth’ as named and celebrated by North America’s First Nations. She is universal and transcends nationalities and the ages, from the Paleolithic to today. She is the basis for everything: living beings, plant life, minerals, textiles, technology, food. Taking its cues from Native American Aboriginal culture, Mother Earth was inspired by a speech reportedly delivered in 1854 by Chief Seattle during his meeting with the President of the United States Franklin Pierce on the occasion of the sale of Native land to white settlers. His words capture the essence of the privileged relationship our continent’s first inhabitants maintain with nature.” — | Wikipedia | Chief Dan Seatle’s speech